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The Next Level: improvement through technology

Identify, test and report on new processes, products & services


  Strategy Outline


NOTE: FEA is working on fantastic new training programs soon to be launched. An example of such projects is the upcoming evaluation & training program focusing on the proper balance of the rider and the horse. Riders accepted in the program will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with two world-renown fitness trainers and bio-mechanics experts. To volunteer as a participant or to host a program, please register, select "R&D" along with other programs you might be interested in, submit the form and we will follow-up with you soon.



The hectic life of most horse people does not allow for in-depth research on what is new and best for a horse or a rider. Often relying on hear-say or worst, on advertisements, many try to get ahead using new products or services from a trial-and-error perspective. A genuine source of information with no conflict of interest would certainly be welcomed by many.


Identify, evaluate and report on processes, services and products new to the market, that will enhance safety and performance.

FEA's Involvement

What FEA does: look for needs, identify potential products/services/processes, build a case study, perform tests, evaluate performance, analyze results and generate reports.


After having identified a specific need in concert with key people in the equestrian environment, FEA assembles a team of professionals to conduct case studies based on research using subjects representing the target market of each specific product, service or process. 




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