It is a well-known fact that in order to improve performance and results as a competitive rider, one must attend horse shows - a lot of them.  Although some have access to sufficient financial resources, many talented riders are not in a situation where they or their guardians can afford many shows, especially the high-rated competitions. 


Except for some local & schooling shows, the horse show business is what it is: a business.  In order for show organizers to host such events, money has to come from somewhere. And the costs involved in managing events are not going down. Keeping up with the inflation is of course a concern, but the issue for many riders (and their parents) is that one is often limited to the availability of funds and compromises must be made.


FEA has developed the GO-SHOW program in cooperation with horse show managers and organizers to facilitate access to competition at a much lower cost, or even at no cost in some cases. Beneficiaries may receive stall(s), class(es) and/or other show-related services. The end-result is very positive for everyone involved: riders, trainers and show managers/organizers.


  • Help talented riders that are without the financial support they need
  • Increase show attendance (riders, trainers, vendors, sponsors and spectators)
  • Attract trainers with their clients (sponsored riders come with trainers, and other riders)
  • Create long term participation to event(s)
  • Potentially create a new National Horsemanship Class


While this allows riders in need to better themselves from an individual point of view, one anticipated consequence is that a rider’s trainer along with additional riders now are also attending the same event. As a result, the event organizer gets more trainers coming to their event(s), thus more riders, therefore more competition and a better show overall. The overall effect is that we all help improving the sport in our country.


With this logical solution the event organizer, rider and trainer experience a win-win strategy: 



• Lower competition cost

• Additional showing     

• Higher level of competition             

• Potential recognition at national level


• Use of unused facilities & assets

• Increased participation             

• Marketing & public exposure     

• Easier to get and retain sponsors

• Demonstrate increased support into the local economy

• National recognition for supporting emerging talent     



In order to be considered for the Go-Show Program, the following eligibility requirements are to be met by all riders:

1. Recommended by recognized trainer, show organizer and/or FEA

2. Can justify a financial need

3. Demonstrate proper horsemanship

4. Follow FEA guidelines

5. Show respect for animals, trainer(s), parents, and show managers/organizers/staff

6. Regular or interim trainer must be present at show

7. Must commit to filing a report within 48 hours of attending a show


As this program is to promote the development of riders at all levels of competition, the program’s specifications have been set to clearly show the elements needed to make it successful:

  1. The FEA Evaluation Team will determine the final criteria, outlining what is expected from each rider and his/her trainer, and define what each will get out of the program.
  2. The Evaluation Team will receive and review formal rider nominations to ensure adherence to guidelines, and that everyone is working towards the desired outcome.
  3. FEA will respect the desire of a show organizer to support a specific type of riders.
  4. An Agreement of Understanding (AOU) will be prepared to the satisfaction of parties involved: horse show organizer, riders, and FEA.  To be accepted and committed to in good-faith, the AOU will include the details of what will be made available and what each one will receive in return.
  5. A standard Release of Liability / Hold Harmless Agreement will also be signed by the parties.
  6. Participation to a horse show through this program does not result in automatic renewal of the benefits. Each rider and each show is evaluated. A report will be filed with FEA after each show, by the show organizer and the rider(s).
  7. Although rider(s) may benefit from this program, the horse show organizer is not expected to incur out-of-pocket expenses.
  8. The AOU may be terminated at any time by either party with 14-day notice in normal circumstances, or without notice if judged necessary.
  9. FEA is serving as a facilitator only and cannot be held responsible for unforeseen outcomes.

To Register or to Recommend a RIDER, email us at: GoShow-Rider@myFEA.org

To Register or to Recommend a HORSE SHOWemail us at: GoShow-HorseShow@myFEA.org


For a complete analysis or more information, please contact FEA: GoShow@EquestrianAthletes.org