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EquiTraining EQUI-TRAINING    GoShow GO-SHOW
   Needs and Offers NEEDS & OFFERS

Support the interaction between Owner, Trainer and Rider, while aiming to improve riders and better train horses.

 Focus on talented riders without all the necessary financial means to show at the next level through a simple sponsorship program.


Matching what is needed by a rider and her/his team, with what is made available (new or used) by others.

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  EquineTherapyRegistry EQUINE-Assisted THERAPY REGISTRY
Facilitating the process of talented  riders being mentored by some of our top international riders to better prepare the country's future elite representatives.   Bridging the gap between juniors and professionals in the industry, during equestrians' collegiate years. And helping equestrian collegiate programs becoming self-sufficient.  

Directory of over 1,100 entities (23 countries) working with horses to help improve the lives of people with disabilities.

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