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The Next Level: repurposing for a good cause

Giving a new purpose to things not needed anymore


Program Outline



Statistics show that in the USA alone, over 300,000 vehicles are donated to charities every year, for a value of over US$750 million dollars. However, the same stats show that only a fraction of that money is actually going to where it was intented.  The majority of the funds go to marketing & advertising, adminsitration, bonuses, etc.

Donating a vehicle to the right charity may not be as obvious as it seems, even if the charity is well known.


FEA is to become the perfect connector between the well-intented givers and the right charities in order the maximize the net amount of funds ending up for the intended purpose.

FEA's Involvement

What FEA does: receives the donated vehicle, considers the desired end-result desired by the donor, determines the best courses of action to meet the objectives, dispose of the vehicle (donates to needing person or entity or sells to a third party), distributes the proceeds as planned.


There are three major elements:

  1. Acquire the vehicles: through marketing & advertising, or joint-venturing with other charities
  2. Dispose of the vehicles: donation to a qualified recipient, resale retail, to third party or through auction
  3. Distribute the proceeds: used for a specific purpose taking the donors' desire into consideration, with 95% or more going to where originally intended


The answer to the most common questions are gathered and presented on this Q&A page.


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